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Frederick J. Nash

Metropolitan Toronto Police

February 12th, 1962

Age: 32 / 11 years service


Frederick J. Nash was Married.



On February 12, 1962 Constable Nash made a routine stop of a vehicle on Danforth near Dawes Road. It was Nash's bad luck to have stopped heavily armed Ronald Turpin. After Turpin's first shot, Constable Nash fell to the ground and Turpin stood over the officer's body and pumped another three shots into him. Nash was able to remove his service revolver and fired three shots, hitting Turpin twice in the arms and once in the neck.

Constable John McDonnell was at the scene moments after the incident. Nash was lying on the pavement. Turpin was trying desperately to start his car. McDonnell aimed his revolver at Turpin and placed handcuffs on him, and in minutes, both Turpin and Nash were on their way to the hospital. Constable Nash was dead on arrival. Turpin recovered and was the last man to be hung.