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John G. Ross

OPP ~ Woodstock Detachment

October 7th, 1984

Age: 56 / 22 years service.


John G. Ross was married with 5 children.



On October 7, 1984 Constable Ross with other members of the Woodstock OPP, the Woodstock City Police and the No. 2 District Tactics and Rescue Unit were following up a tip that two murder suspects were at a Woodstock residence. Constable Ross and Constable R. Thompson were confronted by one of the suspects. Constable Ross was shot and killed, and Corporal R. Thompson was wounded.

The suspect who shot Constable Ross continued shooting at police and was shot dead at the scene. He was on day parole from Prison in Kingston. The second suspect held police off for 20 hours before giving himself up. He was charged and convicted, later taking his life while in prison serving a life sentence.