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Michael W. Sweet

Metropolitan Toronto Police

March 14th, 1980

Age: 30 / 6 years service


Michael W. Sweet was Married with 3 Children.



Constable Sweet and his partner, Ronald Crossley, were patrolling in their cruiser on the night of March 14, 1980 when they received a report of a robbery in progress. Other officers were already at George's Bourbon Street Restaurant on Queen Street when they arrived. Deep in the interior of the restaurant Sweet was shot. He didn't lose consciousness and pleaded with the assailants for his life. Two brothers James and Craig Munro showed no mercy in giving up their hostage. Not certain of the situation inside the restaurant, heavily armed police set up a command post outside. An hour and a half later at 0330 hours they stormed the restaurant and rescued Sweet. The loss of blood had been too much. He died on the operating table at 0610 hours.

James and Craig Munro received gunshot wounds during the police entry. Both recovered. On February 7, 1981, Craig Munro who actually shot Constable Sweet was found guilty of first degree murder without eligibility for parole for 25 years, and his brother James was convicted of second degree murder without eligibility for parole for 12 years.