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Sergeant of Detectives

Edmond Tong

Toronto Police

March 23rd, 1952

Age: 47 / 23 years service


Edmond Tong was Married.



On March 4, 1952, the Bank of Montreal, College Street and Manning Avenue Branch, was held up by three men who obtained $24,696 and made their escape in an automobile. About 1315 hours, March 6, 1952 two Toronto police officers, Sergeant of Detectives Edmond Tong and Detective Sergeant Roy Perry were on patrol in a cruiser when they saw a black sedan which answered the description of the car. After following the car for some time the cruiser drove alongside and Sergeant Tong, who was riding escort, lowered his window and called to the two men to pull over to the curb. Sergeant Tong then left the cruiser and walked over to the side of the car. He had covered half the distance between the two vehicles when the driver of the wanted automobile fired a shot and the officer fell to the road. Detective Sergeant Perry was also wounded in the arm and the suspects escaped.

Leonard Jackson and Steve Suchan were subsequently arrested in Montreal, both wounded in the process. They were charged with murder, convicted and hung back to back in the Don Jail.