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Douglas F. Tribbling

York Regional Police

August 21st, 1984

Age: 49 / 28 years service.


Douglas F. Tribbling was married with 3 children.



At 2208 hours, August 19, 1984 Constable Tribbling responded to a burglar alarm at a business premise in Markham. He was found moments later by fellow officers in the building on the floor with multiple bullet wounds in his chest. He died in hospital August 21.

Constable Tribbling was the first officer of York Regional Police Force to be killed on duty since its inception in 1971. On March 23, 1988 after a lengthy investigation, Ronald Carlton York of Toronto was arrested and charged with the first degree murder of Constable Tribbling. York had an extensive record for break and enters and other theft related offences. At the time of the shooting he was out on bail for two similar offences.