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William Lindsay

Comber Police

May 3rd, 1894


William Lindsay was Married with 15 Children.



On May 3, 1894 Constable William Lindsay a Town Constable for the Village of Comber, was confronted in the street late one evening by a drunken farmer who Lindsay had arrested for cruelty to animals a few months prior. The farmer had spent the evening in the local bar downing beer after beer; building up his courage to finish his planned act. Since the farmer\'s conviction and $60 dollar fine for his offence, his hatred for Constable Lindsay had grown until this dark night when he planned to kill Lindsay. He shot Lindsay in the abdomen. Mortally wounded, Lindsay died a short time later. The farmer was arrested, convicted and hung for his crime.

Constable Lindsay fought in the Crimean war and won medals at the battle of Sebastopol. He was born in Glasgow Scotland.