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Mario J.E. Tessier

RCMP ~ Ottawa Detachment

December 27th, 1985

Age: 30 / 4 years service.


Mario J.E. Tessier was married with 2 children.



At 6:00 am 2 days after Christmas Cst. Tessier of the Ottawa Detachment was driving to work in Ottawa from his home in Quebec. He was in plain clothes wearing an RCMP T-shirt under his coat. It was a cold wintry day when he stopped to assist a young man on Hwy #50 who had just put his van in the ditch. Getting into Tessier’ s personal vehicle the man pulled out a sawed off 22 rifle and shot him nine times then leaving his body on the Hwy, the suspect stole Tessier’ s car. Tessier’ s badge and warrant card were found laying on the floor of the car when it was recovered. What happened between the two will never be known.

The suspect stole his vehicle, committed an armed robbery and was later arrested, charged and convicted.