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Bruce K. Crew

OPP ~ Goderich Detachment

September 25th, 1983

Age: 47 / 25 years service.


Bruce K. Crew was married with 4 children.



While on patrol from the Goderich Detachment Constable Crew accompanied by Constable Jack Straughan were dispatched to assist a Goderich Police Force unit involved in a high speed chase. As they approached a series of two hills known as Porters Hills on County Road 18 they saw the car approaching them at high speed. It braked and skidded to a stop at the bottom of the hill. The OPP cruiser pulled up to the suspect vehicle to block its escape while calling to advise the dispatch to tell the Goderich cruiser of their location. Officer Crew stepped from the cruiser and walked to the suspect' s car to remove the ignition keys when the Goderich cruiser came over the hill. It skidded down the hill, struck the car, Officer Crew and the OPP cruiser. PC Crew was fatally injured.

The lack of direct radio communications between the OPP cruiser and the Municipal cruiser was cited as a contributing factor to the collision.