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Highway Traffic Officer

Leigh W. Metcalfe

Grimsby ~ Department of Highways

October 17th, 1927

Age: 26




Traffic Officer Metcalfe was born and raised in Grimsby Ontario, (born 17 April 1901 in Lincoln County). Parents Arthur W. Metcalfe and Gertrude (Beamer) Metcalfe. Leigh was one of ten children, six brothers and four sisters. Traffic Officer Metcalfe was on patrol on the Provincial Highway when his motorcycle was involved in a head-on collision with a motor vehicle. Officer Metcalfe was thrown to the pavement sustaining severe head injuries. He was rushed to hospital in Hamilton by Coroner Dr. Elmore and Provincial Constable MacKay of Grimsby Detachment, but died from the fractured skull injuries. Traffic Officer Metcalfe had just been appointed to the Department of Highways as a Highway Traffic Officer a few months earlier. His death was the third Highway Traffic Officers killed during October in 1927.