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Angus Joseph McLellan

Port Arthur

May 18th, 1920

Age: 44


Angus Joseph McLellan was Single.



Apparently in perfect health, Chief Angus McLellan was attending to his duties in the police station until late on Saturday afternoon. At around 5pm, he complained of not feeling well, and a local Doctor attended at the station, then drove the Chief home where he was put to bed. He was semi conscious Sunday afternoon then sank into unconsciousness, from which he never recovered. It was found through autopsy that an old head injury was responsible for his death. Seven years earlier, while working to quell a riot during a strike at the coal docks in Port Arthur, he was struck on the head with a club, resulting in serious head trauma. He suffered for years from this inury, which ultimately took his life.

Born in Scotland, he was 44 years of age and single at the time of his death.