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Calvin R. Fulford

OPP ~ Ear Falls Detachment

December 25th, 1958

Age: 29 / 4 years service


Calvin R. Fulford was Married.



Constable Fulford attended on Christmas Eve a small two room cabin, the home of Albert Young and his three sons Thomas, James and David. He attended at the request of David Young and George Williams who had come to him for help because of shots being fired at the cabin. As they entered the cabin Williams was shot. Constable Fulford ran less than 60 feet when he was brought down by a bullet in the shoulder. Thomas Young who had already killed his father, Williams and a young couple at the cabin, took the constable' s revolver, as he tried to crawl to the cruiser. He then shot and killed Fulford. Later Christmas morning he was captured.

Thomas Young was tried in Kenora, found guilty and hung.