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Colin C. McGregor

St. Thomas Police

May 7th, 1934

Age: 28 / 7 years service


Colin C. McGregor was Married with 2 Children.



On May 7, 1934 Constable McGregor accompanied by Sergeants Samuel McKeown and Bert McCulley of the Michigan Central Railway Police attended a residence at 17 Queen Street in an attempt to execute criminal arrest warrants on one Frank Temple. While in the house, Sergeant McKeown and Constable McGregor were faced by a son of the wanted man who was armed with a .45 and a .38 revolver. The fugitive, at the rear of the house, was also armed with a .38 revolver. Sergeant McKeown tackled the son, knocking him to the floor. The father started shooting from the woodshed, the first shot hitting and mortally wounding Constable McGregor. Gunfire was exchanged and Frank Temple escaped.

Frank Temple was eventually arrested. He and his son were charged with the murder of Colin McGregor, convicted and hung.