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John C. McMurrich

Hamilton Police

December 22nd, 1968

Age: 33 / 4 years service


John C. McMurrich was Married with 4 Children.



A house occupied by known, active criminals was under observation by Acting Sergeant McMurrich and other officers. During the early hours of December 22, 1968, 15 to 20 persons left the residence and approached the officer in a threatening manner. The officer fired several warning shots but was overpowered, beaten and shot to death with his own gun.

Five (5) persons were charged with murder; 4 were convicted of manslaughter: James Major - 14 years; Jon McClure - 14 years; Murray Feist - 8 years; Douglas Maracle - 7 years. One (1) convicted of assaulting a peace officer: John McEwan was sentenced to 6 months.