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Roy McQuillin

Toronto Police

December 11th, 1930

Age: 33 / 10 years service




On December 11, at approximately 1920 hours, Constable McQuillin was riddled with bullets from a revolver in the hands of a young thief who was driving a stolen car. The vehicle had been pursued and forced to the roadside at Scarlett Road and East Drive in York Township by a police cruiser driven by Constable Haliburton, accompanied by McQuillin. The wounded Constable, was rushed to the General Hospital in a passing car, died before reaching the hospital. The young gunman and his companion who was in the back seat of the stolen car, made their escape after first staging a revolver duel with Constable Haliburton.

Harry Clarkson and John Brockenshire, both of Windsor, were subsequently arrested and charged with murder. John Brockenshire was convicted and executed at the Toronto Gaol on September 23, 1931. Clarkson was acquitted.