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OPMF40 years ago today...
Corporal Ronald E. Lee serving with the OPP

Corporal Lee was directing traffic at 2330 hrs. on August 28, 1976 at Highway 144 and Montee Principale, Rayside Twp. Sudbury. He was directing traffic coming from a local race horse track. He was struck by a northbound vehicle and killed.

OPMF54 years ago today...
Corporal James S. McDonald serving with the OPP

Corporal McDonald responded alone to a residence in Petawawa Township, which was the scene of a domestic dispute. The suspect was drunk and abusive. Cpl. McDonald stuggled with the suspect for some time before getting him handcuffed and secured in the rear seat of the cruiser. While walking around the rear of the cruiser Corporal McDonald suffered a massive heart attack, collapsed and died.

OPMF95 years ago today...
Constable Richard A. Beard serving with the Napanee Police

Cst. Beard was the night watchman for the Town of Napanee. While on his usual patrol of the town he found someone attempting to break into the rear of a merchant’ s store on Dundas Street. He walked down the alley and came upon three suspects lurking in the shadows. A shot was heard and upon the inspection of the alley by members of the public they found Richard dead from a gunshot. His weapon still in the holster. A few months later Kingston Police arrested three brothers for a string of drug store robberies and the wounding of one of their officers. They were later tried and convicted of the murder of Constable Beard.


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