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Sales of these prints are in support of the Ontario Police Memorial Foundation

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How to Support the OPMF

Make a Donation

Each year the Foundation must raise funds to cover the costs of maintaining the names of the fallen officers on the Memorial Wall as well as hosting the family of Fallen Officers and Police Members throughout the Province at the Annual Ceremony of Remembrance.

Your assistance in promoting this worthwhile cause would be greatly appreciated.

There are 3 ways you can donate:

1. by e-transfer
The OPMF is now able to accept donations via e-transfer using donate@opmf.ca, now setup for auto-deposit so no password is required.

Send funds by e-transfer

2. The United Way
Donations to the Ontario Police Memorial Foundation can now be made through the United Way who are starting their campaigns.

We would ask you to post or communicate to your members or fellow workers the information contained in the file attachment on how to donate to the Ontario Police Memorial Foundation through the United Way.

OPMF United Way Donation Information. View PDF

3. by cheque or money order
Please make payable to:

Mailing Address:
200-2075 Kennedy Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
M1T 3V3

Note: Donations to the Ontario Police Memorial Foundation are tax deductible.
OPMF Charity # 868 395575 RR0001.

The Memorial Pin

Memorial Pin / Size 1.5 x 3cm

The Memorial Pin is the official pin of the Ontario Police Memorial.

This pewter pin replicates the Memorial's Wall of Honour, which contains the names of all fallen officers who have died in the service to the people of Ontario.

The pin depicts a Trillium flower placed within a badge. A badge is the symbol, which represents the authority of all police officers, and the Trillium is the official flower of the Province of Ontario. Combined together they represent all Police Officers in Ontario.

You can now order Memorial Pins online.

Order Pin(s)

Profits from sale of this pin are used to promote the Ontario Police Memorial

As fellow Police Officers, both active and retired, we ask and encourage you to wear your pin as a sign of support and respect for the families and our fallen comrades, during the following times:

  1. On the day that a police officer is killed in the line of duty, until sundown on the day of the officer's funeral.
  2. During the Ontario Police Memorial Day, the first Sunday in May.
  3. During the Canadian Police Peace Officer's Memorial Day on the last Sunday of September.

Many officers are unable to attend police funerals and/or Police Memorial Day services. By wearing the pin on your daily uniform, you are showing support for the families of all officers killed in the line of duty.

Family members of the Honour Roll officers will have a white trillium on their pin.

The Memorial Print

On May 5, 2000 the Ontario Police Memorial was unveiled and dedicated to the memories of all fallen police officers who sacrificed their lives in the service of the people of Ontario. This lasting tribute of white granite and bronze is situated in a small park in downtown Toronto, with this historic Queen’s Park, Legislature of Ontario serving as its backdrop.

Commissioned by the Ontario Police Memorial Foundation, James Lorimer Keirstead one of Ontario’s most famous artists has captured the majestic beauty of this Memorial within his 2001 oil painting.

About the Artist

James Keirstead, born in Saint John New Brunswick in 1932, served with the United Nations Forces during the Korean War. Returning to Canada, he joined the Ontario Provincial Police serving for over eleven years before leaving police work to concentrate on his artwork full time. His pride in serving as a police officer is evident with this tribute to his fallen brothers and sisters.

How to Order

  • Image size 10” x 15” limited to 725 pieces, Framed $225.
  • Image size 10” x 15” limited to 50 Artist’s proofs, Framed $250. SOLD OUT
  • Image size 22” x 33” limited to 150 pieces, Framed $950.

All prices include applicable taxes.

Sales of these prints are in support of the Ontario Police Memorial Foundation
and their Memorial Service held annually on the first Sunday of May.

To order your print please contact:
Ontario Police Memorial Foundation
200-2075 Kennedy Rd.
Toronto ON
M1T 3V3
Tel: 416-487-9367
Fax: 416-487-3170

Ceremony of Remembrance - Sunday 11am, May 7, 2023

Support the OPMF

The foundation continually needs funds to maintain the memorial and help affected families affected.

Please offer your support

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The Memorial Pin

The Memorial Pin is the official pin of the New Ontario Police Memorial.

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