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Sandwich East Township Police


Harley Hyland

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Sandwich East Township Police

May 2nd, 1963

Age: 41

Years of Service: 14

Harley Hyland was married with 5 children.

Constable Harley Hyland


Cst. Hyland and Cst. Garland Harris had responded to a report of a break and enter at the Hunter\' Pharmacy. Cst Harris apprehended one suspect upon their arrival and Cst. Hyland gave chase to a second suspect. He caught him and an arrest was made. Hyland advised at the time he was feeling ill and could not breathe. He was taken to Metropolitan Hospital where he died three hours later.


Harley had served in the Royal Canadian Air Force during WWII.


Sandwich East Township Police
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    Harley Hyland 1963

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