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York Regional Police


Robert J. Plunkett

zzzRobert J. Plunkettzz

York Regional Police

August 2nd, 2007

Age: 43

Years of Service: 22

Robert J. Plunkett was Married with 3 children.

Constable Robert J. Plunkett


Constable Plunkett was killed while attempting to make an arrest during a criminal investigation involving a man allegedly stealing a car for the possession of airbags. As Cst. Plunkett approached the vehicle, the man began accelerating in reverse, striking the police officer and pinning him between the open car door and a tree.


Two parties were arrested in connection with this incident.


York Regional Police
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    Garrett Styles 2011 Robert J. Plunkett 2007 William J. Grant 1984 Douglas F. Tribbling 1984

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