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Ontario Provincial Police


Donald C. Campbell

zzzDonald C. Campbellzz

Ontario Provincial Police ~ Kincardine Detachment

August 3rd, 1985

Age: 24

Years of Service: 1

Donald C. Campbell was married.

Constable Donald C. Campbell


Constable Campbell was on patrol in a cruiser operated by Constable W.J. O Sullivan. The officers drove eastbound on Highway 9 to assist other units involved in a high speed chase. The Constable driving made a U turn on the highway to prepare for the approaching suspect vehicle. Unknown to him at the time, the vehicle was driving westbound at a high speed with no lights on. The westbound suspect vehicle struck the cruiser on the passenger side, fatally injuring PC Campbell as well as two other passengers in the suspect vehicle.


The suspect was found to be impaired by alcohol. The Leaf D. Craig Campbell Memorial Award is granted to the top member of each recruit class. A donation is given to a charity of the recruit s choice.


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