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Ontario Provincial Police

Detective Constable

Steven Tourangeau

Steven Tourangeau

Ontario Provincial Police

May 29th, 2023

Age: 36

Years of Service: 9

Steven Tourangeau was married with 3 children.

Steven Tourangeau

Detective Constable Steven Tourangeau


On May 29, 2023, Detective Constable Tourangeau was driving an unmarked force vehicle when he was involved in a motor vehicle collision and collided with a school bus. Tragically, Detective Constable Tourangeau died of his injuries. Sadly, a member of the public also perished in this collision.


Prior to joining the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), he was an auxiliary officer with the Windsor Police Service. He began his career with the Ontario Public Service on May 12, 2014, as a general duty officer at the Southwest Regional Detention Centre. On January 2, 2015, he was hired as a recruit for the OPP and began his dream of becoming a police officer at the Perth County Detachment. During his career, he also served as a coach officer before joining the Huron-Perth Community Street Crime Unit.

Steven was a family man who lived everyday putting his family first. He knew how to prioritize the important things in life and live each day to the fullest. Steven had a gift of connecting with people, understand them and make them feel special. He had a lighthearted disposition, infectious smile and quick-witted humour.

Steven was described as the ultimate team player and a model police officer – an officer who each of us would take great comfort in knowing he was the one responding to a call or leading an investigation. Steven continuously engaged with the community and established meaningful and mutually respectful relationships. He was a calm, steady, positive influence, who could always be relied upon for a laugh to lighten up the mood, which made him the ideal teammate and coach officer.

Detective Constable Tourangeau leaves behind his wife, Danikah, and their children, Everett, Luke and Drew, his parents Cathy and Marcel, his sisters Shannon and Colette, and countless family members who loved and adored him.  Detective Constable Tourangeau will forever be remembered for his dedication to law enforcement, his service to community and his love for and commitment to his family.


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